Choosing the right stick length can sometimes be difficult task for Parents who are new to the game, so we try to help out with our guide but we also give what our advise is because there is this perception that as an adult you start from 36.5” moving to a 37.5” for taller players and likewise for Junior players i.e do they chose 34.5″ or 36.5″ ?.  However, as players we believe that one has to choose whichever length, they feel comfortable with without affecting their style of play.

The stick needs to be measured from the floor and should reach just below waist height (usually just about an inch below waist)

Below is a rough guide that we advise:

Players Height (ft) Stick Length (inches)
3′ 5″ 28”
3′ 11 30”
4′ 5″ 32”
5′ 1″ 34.5”
5′ 5″ 36.5”
5′ 7″ 37.5”
6’ 38.5
6′ 3″ 39.5”